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Secure Domain Name
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What is a Secure Domain Name?

A Secure Domain Name is a unique domain that is a completely private address for your family, group or business (i.e. supergroup.scom). It is used to issue unique private Secure Domain Names to each group member (i.e. bob.supergroup.scom). Each device will also have it’s own Secure Domain Name. As an example, Bob, might have an iPad called ipad.bob.supergroup.scom. A unique signed digital certificate is used to authenticate each activated device as the holder of its corresponding unique Secure Domain Name.

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We work directly with VirnetX™ to find your domain and get it registered. Please fill out THE form AFTER SELECTING YOUR DOMAIN PACKAGE and our sales representatives will get back promptly.

Their patented Gabriel Connection Technology™ combines industry standard encryption protocols with patented techniques for automated domain name system (DNS) lookup mechanisms, enabling users to create a secure communication link using secure domain names.

Each secure domain comes with Parrot Security Linux on a credit card style usb key with Gabriel mail server software and documentation. Once you run the config file and enter in your secure username you have a USB bootable live computer that can act as a messaging server in emergency situations or for on the go.

THis will use one of your 4 device licenses.

If you would like to purchase a secure domain please purchase and fill out the form. We will work with VIrnetX on your behalf to secure the domains you have requested based on availablity. 

If you require a large quanity of licenses for your domain please email us directly at and a represenative will get back with you shorlty.


The Gabriel Collaboration Suite™

Gabriel Collaboration Suite provides an integrated set of secure applications including Mail, Messaging, File Sharing & Sync, and Voice Calls. Each feature provides privacy, security and seamless cross-platform communications between trusted contacts. Protect peer-to-peer communications and data with military grade encryption. Communications on Gabriel are invisible to third parties, including VirnetX.

Private & Secure Voice Calls

Keep conversations private. Free* calling between desktop and mobile devices. Provides secure VOIP capabilities from any Gabriel client.

Private & Secure Mail

Send and receive encrypted mail from your device to a recipient without requiring a 3rd-party mail server. No cyber threats. And best of all... NO SPAM.

Private & Secure Messaging

Send and receive text and files. All messages are secure to Gabriel users. Automatic & direct connection with military grade end-to-end encryption.


Private & Secure Share & Sync

Share content securely between trusted users and devices. Grant read/write access to desired folders. Securely sync files between devices.

* Data rates may apply based on your carrier and plan

Gabriel User License
from 33.00 every month

Buy an additional user license for your secure domain. If you have high volume license needs for your entire organization please email







When you register for an account for our service, you will be required to choose a user name for your account, and device name(s) for each device that you use to access and use our service. If you register a secure domain name through our service, you will also be asked to choose the domain name you wish to register. With respect to such user names, device names and secure domain names, the following policies shall govern:

  • We reserve the right to reject your registration request for any secure domain name, user name, or device name at our own discretion.

  • We reserve the right to revoke an already issued secure domain name, user name, or device name at our own discretion (e.g. due to offensive nature of name, trade mark violation, identity misrepresentation or third-party dispute.)

  • We believe that secure network communications should involve each party having an authenticated identity of the other party; therefore, we reserve the right to reject a registration that misrepresents or fails to provide the applicant’s correct identity.

  • You may either (i) replace the rejected or revoked secure domain name, user name, or device name with a name acceptable to us; or (ii) ask us to provide you a credit for the unused portion of any fees you may have paid to us for the use of the rejected or revoked secure domain name, user name, or device name.